Stonespar is a sleek, cutting edge, designer option which is equally at home on a patio or driveway. Available in two exquisite pre-blended mixes, the earthy tones of the Garma blend offer warmth and character while the cool tones of the Harva blend bring a stylish premium feel to any design. The ‘ClearBlast’ finish gives just the right amount of texture and helps to enhance the natural colour of the stone.


Colour options and prices

Garma • Harva

Project Pack from £730.00 inc. VAT.

Single slab prices are available, as well as sealants and paving grouts, please call us for more information.

per pack
per pack
weight/kg per pack
Project Pack 8.04 140 965



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Additional Information and Delivery Options

All items listed above are available as full packs and many as individual slabs so you can order exactly the amount you require. A full price list for this range is available on request.

Prices include VAT and free local delivery within 15 miles of the store. We also offer nationwide delivery on all full packs, many at no additional cost or for a low carriage fee. Please see our delivery information for further details.

To place an order by phone, further information or delivery options please contact us on 01953 681484 or email.