Our Terms & Conditions

All information, descriptions and prices are subject to alteration without prior notice and all offers are accepted subject to prices and descriptions current at the time of publishing.

We reserve the right to amend the price or withdraw any items as the result of any alteration in the cost of raw materials, rates of exchange, VAT or any other circumstance beyond our control.

All items are offered subject to availability. All prices include VAT. Any savings are shown against suggested manufacturer’s retail price.

Please note natural stone products may vary in colour and texture this is due to it not being manmade and we take no responsibility for this.

Please note once the product has been signed for and laid, no further action will be possible at this time.

Please order at least 10% more slabs than you think you will need this is to cover breakages and natural faults. Breakages are very rare however and can normally be used for cuts which are needed in most patios.

If you change your mind please note that all pallets that you wish to return will be charged at a collection rate of £165.00 (including VAT) per pallet. For example if you are spending £700.00 on two pallets of slabs you would only be refunded £370.00 due to the pick up cost of two pallets equaling £330.00.

Breakages are very rare and by ordering at least 10% more slabs than you expect to need this is normally not a problem, however if more than 10% of your slabs are broken you must notify us within three days of receiving your goods. After this time we will not be able to accept any claims. Please check our opening times to call us. We will also require photographic and written evidence (letter or email) and if possible a unopened package. A member of staff may also come out to check the slabs. If we find that less than 10% of slabs are broken there will be no refund and you will be charged the collection fee of £165.00 per pallet.

Please note for all payments processed over the phone the card used must be addressed to the delivery address if not delivery cannot be made. This is to protect you as a customer.

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Please contact us for further information.

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